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Report sent in by Paul Jarvis

Flag Raising at 9:45

It was great to see a big turnout from the Normans on a cold and damp early Bank Holiday morning. We made up 20% of the crowd and 15% of the costumed brigade. This year we decided on Ninja fancy dresses alongside a couple of hardcore guys just in dresses! With the flag hoisted and pictures taken we hung around chatting and watching the first tournament game which involved the Staggs (best fancy dressed team on tour). Our vocal support for Graham  (a local who has become synonymous with tour) bordered on heckling but he still scored the first goal. Eventually during this game the rest of the Normans arrived fit and raring to go.


Southgate Pitchers 1 v 6 Normans

Easter Friday 11:15 at Clennon


A bit of trepidation before the start as rumours ran riot that this was the same Southgate that is in the National League. But as always on tour we got on with it, 2 in dresses and one in full “Ninja” suit. As the game started the Normans were passing effectively, creating many chances and looked comfortable on the ball. As the game progressed our players managed to chat to the opponents, and it became clear this was no National team. It was a “Back to Hockey” group from the club. A good bunch of players either new to the sport or returning after years away, mixed with some good holding players. It was impressive to see how “Back to Hockey” can bring new players to a club. Our first goal of tour was from Jon Smith on the reverse. Our second goal on tour was again from Jon Smith, a goalkeeper clearance raised the ball and Jon was there in front of the keeper as fast as lightning and prodded the falling ball with hand and stick (legal) over the keeper’s head. Then the Normans forgot the slick passing which gave them this two goal lead and tried in the most part with individual skill and solo runs. This made the team disjointed and therefore made it hard work for themselves for the remainder of the game. The third eventually came when Jeevan Chagger made a nuisance of himself and tackled the defender on the ball and then scored. Our fourth came from Alex Makepeace who powered it straight in. Jeevan got another with a fortunate rebound off the keeper’s pads. 5-0 at half time and Cherry Sourz shots all round. The Southgate Pitchers were playing some good flowing hockey and eventually got their deserved goal. Quick passing and a good bit of individual skill lead to a chance which found the far corner. Our only goal in this half came from Jacob Smith from a short corner through the keeper’s legs.

On tour there are two awards. The Bill Stickle Cup is for most goals scored and The Redcliffe Cup is for fair play and honourable conduct. Each team awards a score from 0-4, with 4 being highest.

Fairplay Award to Southgate Pitchers 4

Goal scorers; Jon Smith x2, Jeevan Chagger x2, Alex Makepeace and Jacob Smith

Our thanks go to Paul Jarvis for umpiring the game.





All Saints 7 v 1 Normans

Easter Friday 14:00 at Clennon


Our team returned from the Inn on the Quay pub refreshed to Clennon and faced a completely different mind-set of players. They were all University students who are setting up their new club for League Hockey. Full of young legs and about to play their first game on tour.

Normans wished they had drunk and ate a little less at lunchtime as this was like a full-on Saturday league game.

Simon our new designated keeper for tour had an amazing game. He easily kept the score from going into double figures. He made some amazing saves, even using his helmet a one point to head the ball away. The All Saints team on this tour averaged 7.83 goals per game, and put 13 past one team. They eventually won the Bill Stickles Cup with 47 goals in total. In the second half when the score was 7-0 we got our only goal, a lovely reverse sweep from Neal Makepeace. We did have some close chances throughout the game but the All Saints fresh legs never stopped charging forward.

Fair play Award 3

Goal scorer; Neal Makepeace

Our thanks go to Jon Smith for umpiring the game


Normans 3 v 2 Villains

Easter Saturday 11:15 at Clennon


We have played this team many times on tour and we knew we would be having a fun game. A true festival tour game, competitive but light hearted. Gavin Hetherington scored first. A well worked penalty corner, a good push out, a straight stop, and then powerful shot 1-0. The Villains then worked hard to equalise giving Simon little chance, but again Simon was having a good game keeping the Normans in it. We regained the lead , this time from Jacob who drove into the “D” and shot near post a pace,. It was 2-1 at half time. Jon Smith made it 3-1 after Rob made an excellent pass and Jon swept it in on the back post, keeper well beaten. Then a little bit a controversy as the best player on the Villains pushed up high and Zach Jarvis began to close him down tight. Some players from different angles saw different things but it looked as if the Villain had a look where Zach was and with a high elbow turned sharply to catch Zach in the face. No foul was awarded and the Umpire was close by. Some Normans were unhappy about the challenge and Zach went off for five minutes to get checked out. Simon was playing saving well, talking from the back and managing his circle with confidence. The Villains did pull one back making it a tense finish.

Fair play Award 4

Goal Scorers; Gavin Herthington, Jacob Smith and Jon Smith

Our thanks go to Jeevan Chagger for umpiring the game.


Cleevillians 2 v 1 Normans

Easter Saturday 15-00 at Clennon


This was a good-natured game and both teams should be applauded for their sportsmanship and fair play. It was very competitive, but also a friendly game. At one point the Cleevillians lady player who was very talented powered into our circle and challenged Simon our keeper. They both ended up in a heap on the floor but Terri Brown refused to get up off Simon. After a good 45 second cuddle she did get off him, Simon was not complaining in the slightest.

Our goal came from a typical “Noor” style run from Alex Makepeace who eventually passed the ball to Jeevan Chagger who scored and won our most scrappy goal on tour award.

Fair play Award 4

Goal scorer Jeevan Chagger

Our thanks go to Zach Jarvis for umpiring the game.



Normans 0 v 3 Oddfellows

Easter Sunday 10-15 at Clennon


After last year’s problems in this game both teams fielded their best Umpires to control the game and stop it getting out of hand. They did their job magnificently.

The game started at a slow pace and took time for the players on both sides to build up some energy. We got as many chances as the Oddfellows to score but they just converted theirs better. Half time we had water melon and vodka, a must for next season as it went down a storm. At the end of the enjoyable game, a touch of class by the Oddfellows as a glass of port was offered around to all players from a silver platter, pure class.

Fair play Award 4

Our thanks go to Robert McGuigan for umpiring the game.


Bluebottles 2 v 1 Normans

Easter Sunday 15-00 at Clennon


Zach Jarvis said “Best game of the Tour” and I wouldn’t disagree. The Normans’ tactics changed for this last game, placing all the legs of the team at the back and allowing those more experienced to go up front. There was a great striking partnership between John and Jon, and some great runs forward from wingers Doc and Trish. Normans were playing some good hockey even though this was the sixth game in three days. Kit was stinking, legs were tired and injuries were mounting up. Simon was off shopping this afternoon so Paul Jarvis went in goal. Our goal was a quick reaction from Alex Makepeace who deflected the ball from a penalty corner. Our keeper made two reaction saves deflecting the ball just over the cross bar, and some good kicks getting the ball safe. He was under pressure as Simon did such a good job in the five other games. It was a shame not to get a 50% win ratio, if only this game had not turned just slightly our way but in the end we won 2 lost 4.

Fair play Award 4

Goal scorer; Alex Makepeace

A thanks you to Jon Smith for arranging a guest umpire from the Buffaloes for the game, so Jacob could play.


Our Player of the Tournament as voted by all players and supporters went to Simon BILLINGSLEY (our new Tour Keeper) with a big majority.


We had two presentations for the Normans this year as John Skidmore and Jon Smith were presented with their “25 year men” ties. Both players have been coming to tour for over 25 years, and as recognition received the prestigious Award.


The winner of the Redcliffe Cup for 2015 was the Esandars.


A big Thank You must go to Glenn Sherard who helped restart the Normans on tour 7/8 years ago and has also helped organised our Normans and liaised with the organisers for over 30 years. He is now retiring from this role and will now only be coming as our most avid fan. Thank you Glenn.


In conclusion, our players and supporters enjoyed another fun packed tour with everyone enjoying the glorious weather, the excellent facilities that Paignton had to offer (Henrys, The Spinney, that curry place, Inn on the Quay hic, Redcliffe Hotel etc) and the Festival Hockey. Planning for next year has already begun…..

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