As a gentle introduction to the new season, the Club held its annual early season get-together. This year the Club had registered to be part of the National Hockey Fest, organised by England Hockey. The aim being to raise awareness of the game and to attract new players to the Club.

The main event, on 5th September, was the general get-together for all club members and with the backing of posters in the local schools and a mention in the local press, the hope was to attract some new players.

Being the first event of the season, it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the late Jim Sumner, a club member for almost 60 years who sadly passed away in August. The Vice-Chairman spoke of Jim’s achievements within the Club and all those present joined in the minute’s applause.

Zach, in his usual super-efficient way, had produced a format with five teams of six a side playing in a round-robin. The teams included one from the Wasps.  Over 30 players enjoyed the late summer -sun   and the whole tournament progressed very smoothly. There had to be a winner, I suppose, and that honour went to the ‘Pink’ team. Many thanks to Zach for a most enjoyable afternoon – a good way to start off the season.


On the following day, 6th September, the Youth Training began. Although numbers attending this session were rather most modest, it is hoped that this will improve now that the schools have returned and our links particularly with KESH and Holy Trinity are re-stablished.

If any club member knows of anyone who would like to take up the game please put them in touch with our coaches.


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