Yardley Reds 3-3 Yardley Whites

Yardley Reds won 3-2 after a European style 8-second shootout


Yardley Reds: Jeevan x2, Noor

Yardley Whites: Ross x3

An end of the season, inter club game was organised by Paul Jarvis to fill in a spare week between the end of the season and club day. Though, the weather had a mind of its own, 21 Yardley club players turned out for an exciting encounter mixing players from 1sts, 2nds and Badgers.

Yardley Reds were led by Kyle, whilst Ubaydah led the Whites. The game got off to a slow start with both teams adapting to the space in this 10 v10 game. Yardley whites seemed to enjoy much possession in the first quarter, with promising attacks from Talha, Islam and Zakariyya who continually supplied Stan and Ross. The Reds were forced to sit deep and soak the pressure with Tahir, Zach and Javid keeping their opponents at bay. Alex was called in to make a few good saves early on but the Whites broke the deadlock to go 2-0 up very quickly through a quick reacting Ross.

After the first quarter, it was the Reds who took more control of the game, distributing the ball better and playing as a team. Link up play from Ed and Usamah set Jeevan free who took a shot on goal before he won a short corner. With a bit of luck, Jeevan was able to guide the ball into the bottom corner. Noor and Kyle linked well to keep the whites wide but with little joy down the left flank. Zakariyya and Gavin continued to find the whites better and set on a few attacks which came to nothing. Shortly before the end of the quarter, Ed found space down the left and passed the ball to Jeevan who was in plenty of space to slot home another into the back post to make it 2-2 at the half way point.

The third and fourth quarters did not have much in the way of entertaining action but rather a display of good defending from both reds and whites. It was however one which would see two more goals taking the game to a shoot-out. Ross again was picked out on the keeper slotting home a deserved hat-trick, being in the right place at the right time. Reds would then charge forward with Zach passing Jeevan out wide who assisted Noor in finding the goal, even if it was helped along the way by Whites defender, Gavin.

It was agreed that the game would end with a European style 8-second shootout. Reds were up first and Zach found the net after sending the keeper the wrong way. This to be mirrored by Zakariyya to level scores. Several saves and misses and the scores remained 1-1. Reds would go on to win 3-2 in an exciting shootout which brought smiles and laughs to many a face.

A huge thank you goes out to our umpires Neil Toye who umpired the whole match and Jeevan, Mat, Zach and Paul who shared the duties. A great way to end a season, getting players used to playing with players they wouldn’t normally play alongside. A good way of sharing knowledge and tactics amongst experience and youth.


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