Yardley HC entered the recent Cannock Mixed 7s Summer Hockey Festival fielding two teams from the players across Yardley HC, Birmingham Wasps Ladies and guests. The day was an enjoyable one with the option of camping, joining a disco and enjoying the weather which seemed to hold off until all our games had been completed.

Yardley Heathens, captained by Alex Makepeace fielded players Zach, Lily, Tricia, Ubaiydah, Kyle and Kat. Yardley Normans led by Jeevan Chagger, was supported by Pradeep, Mat, Sarah, Usamah, Grace, Noah and Abu- our guest player. Oops – nearly forgot, Paul played in goal!!

Yardley Heathens: Finished 13th place

Won 3 Drew 2 Lost 2

Goal Scorers: Kat x4, Ubaiydah, Kyle

Heathens 1-0 Beeston

Heathens 2-3 Baa Baa Shafters

Heathens 0-0 Dogs Blox

Heathens 0-0 Wolverhampton

Heathens 2-3 Brown Bears

Heathens 1-0 Cannock

Heathens 1-0 Multiple Scoregasms


The Heathens finished their 5 group games with 5 points. They faced Cannock in their pool swap game and won 1-0. Heathens beat Bloxwich in their knockout game to finish 13th place

Yardley Normans: Finished 9th place

Won 2 Drew 2 Lost 3

Goal Scorers: Jeevan x3, Abu x3, Kat x2, Mat, Grace


Normans 2-3 West Bromwich

West Wilts 1-2 Normans

Cannock 0-1 Normans

Normans 2-2 Multiple Scoregasms

Normans 0-1 Derby

Normans 0-4 Streetly

Normans 3-3 Baa Baa Shafters


Normans finished their group games with 7 points. They faced Streetly in their pool swap game and lost 4-0. They managed to finish in joint 9th place having come down from 3-0 to level the game at 3-3.


It was an enjoyable day which saw lots of hockey, fun and interaction amongst our players and other clubs. A thank you to the Chaggers, Jarvis’ and Iqbals for coming to support the teams and joining in to enjoy a great event hosted at Cannock.

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