Yardley 1sts VS Sutton Coldfield 1sts 

 Yardley 0-10 Sutton Coldfield 

 Yardley played Sutton Coldfield 1sts in the game for the England Hockey Men’s Championship Tier 2 match, in round one of the competition now open to all clubs across the country. 

 Yardley were on the back foot four minutes in, conceding two goals from two short corners in quick succession. Much of the story for the half remained the same with Sutton dominating possession and controlling the game well, offering Yardley very little chance to break out of their own half. The score going into the half break was 5-0.

 The second half was a similar story though the defence held off a number of short corner to keep Sutton at bay. Few attacks can sparingly but offered no threat on goal for Yardley and concedes goals, one of which a penalty flick from the final touch of the game. 


A good game and experience nonetheless from our team. 


 Thanks to Jeevan for compiling and sending in this report. Thanks also to Jeevan for making the arrangements for this game.




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