In your pre-season circular and on your Fixture Card you will have noticed that your Annual Subscription should have been paid by the end of October.

Information from the Club Treasurer reveals that very few have actually been paid so far this season. Members of the 1st team do not have much of an excuse really, but the 2nd team  have not played many games, so that is not too surprising.

The Club’s Management Committee met as scheduled on 13th November. It was agreed that an extension should be given to ALL club members to enable subscriptions to be paid, without penalty by the end of November. You should not need to be badgered by your team skipper or kitty master to pay up – everyone knows that the sub has to be paid so it would help the club if you OFFERED  to pay your dues befrore being asked to do so.


The club has bills to pay throughout the season and your subs are vital to help these to be paid on time.


Your co-operation in this matter is much appreciated.


Peter Brainch

Club Secretary


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