From: Paul Smith <[email protected]>

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020, 12:10

Subject: FIH Pro League

Good morning all


 I need to let you all know that the Hockey Family priority window for purchasing Pro League tickets ends soon.

The idea behind the priority window was that people could buy tickets and providing they stated which club they belonged to when they made their purchase, See Tickets would ensure they would seat them together (providing of course that they bought tickets in the same categories).  This was a big piece of feedback we received last year, so we implemented it this year.

In addition, there is a Rewards Scheme being launched very soon.  The scheme will work on three principles

  1. The number of tickets bought by a club’s members
  2. The proportion of a club’s membership that buys tickets
  3. The distance travelled to get to Lee Valley &/or the Stoop

Each of these categories will earn the club points which in turn will win you prizes, that could range from a coaching day with a member of our International Squads, all the way down to a box of hockey balls.

Of course anyone buying a ticket will need to identify on the website which club they are a member of.  If your club has already bought lots of tickets, don’t worry points will be awarded retrospectively. So, to make the most of this opportunity all I need to ask of you is that you forward the link below to your members to make them aware of the fact that the priority window is closing soon, and the chance of earning their/your club great prizes.  If you’d like to use Whatsapp as a way of getting that message across (Team captains can send it when sending out match fixture details for example), just ping me a message on Whatsapp (07785 787452) and I will forward the link out to you.


In the meantime if there is anything I can help with to get the message out there and get your club winning, just let me know.,6N82Q,7V75RW,QH2CF,1


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