In light of the exchange of emails involving concerned parents and the situaton regarding the CoronaVirus, please find my decision outlined and explanation  below.


I recommend that we CANCEL all Badgers games until the end of the season, in light of the concern for parents and the risk of transfer of the virus.


My thinking is as follows:


– Whilst at present there does not seem to be a large number of confirmed cases in Birmingham, we cannot simply assume that things will remain the same as we are in the “delay phase” of the virus. 

– Other neighbouring areas are having more confirmed cases and there is becoming an increased risk. I do not feel that we should put our players at risk of the chances of contracting the virus, especially considering that many players have close family that could be at severe risk if they were to be in contact with the virus. In regards to the 1stXI, I am yet to make a decision on this. 

– Parents have expressed concern and rightly they are entitled to withdraw their children which many are doing. To ease the worry of parents I suggest we put their worries at ease and cancel.

ZACH (Head Coach)  will  make a final  decision on training.  


 Further updates will follow as appropriate

Jeevan Chagger

Club Chairman



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