Hi all, 


Hope you are well. 


We mark the end of an era as Yardley Hockey Club as we know it. From today, we will begin our journey as City of Birmingham Hockey Club. 


But I’d like to use some of this time to recognise our years as YHC, flying the red colours. 


In 1993 the club changed its name from Birmingham Municipal to Yardley. We maintained a strong club under some visionary leadership under Chris. As a club we continued to boast several teams and we had a very strong foundation to be able to build upon. In the early 2000s we secured a new playing venue in Small Heath. There are many names I can mention that have worked tirelessly to continue to keep our club growing, and you are very much a part of that too. 


I see today, not as a new start, a new beginning but the building of an evergrowing chapter adding to the wealth of history we currently have. I see it as a chance to make our mark, and to take our club to new heights, retaining our history and increasing the playing capacity under our section. 


You have made this happen and your efforts in supporting the club throughout the years have helped us. We’ve done it once, to steady the ship as we are doing, now we build on it. We’ve had a model that has worked and we have shown we are not afraid as a club to take up opportunities and make a difference to who we support. 


As a memory of our journey of Yardley, I created a short video attached via the link to showcase Yardley Hockey Club through the years. I hope you like it. 


It will be shared on social media pages we have tomorrow. 


So for now, I have a few short messages:


Stay safe. Keep yourselves and your families well. 


Thank you. For all that you have given to our club and hockey family as Yardley and also Birmingham Municipal. 


We go again. We have flown the red and blue flag for 88 years. Often the red more so than blue. Tomorrow we continue to fly the flag, albeit blue. We know our history. We know our roots. We are who we are as a club. Let’s make it count. 




Best wishes and many thanks. I can’t wait to continue working with you all at City of Birmingham Hockey Club. 


Yours in hockey, 


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