Team Men’s 1st Team
Opponent Worcester 3
Date October 29, 2022
Result Draw
Score 3 – 3

Goalscorers: Jahed Islam, Ashraf Baig, Abrar Baig

With several first-teamers unavailable (7 to be precise), the visitors travelled with a few second-team regulars to bolster the ranks. At the new Worcester International Hockey Centre, they were greeted by the hosts, of 10 players. 

The game started off well with Ben and Troy utilising Sohail well to rotate the ball. Alex, Jeevan and Ash held their own in midfield supported by Jahed and Junaid on the wings and Abrar and Noor just in front. It would be the hosts who scored first within the 3 minutes, on the break and finding a way home. 4 successive short corners followed but CoB managed to clear their lines, a breakaway on the right finding Jahed back post to slot in and bring scores level into the half time break.

Second half and CoB got out of the blocks well a lead 2 minutes in, Ash driving from his own half into the D, unchallenged, slotting neatly. But the lead wouldn’t last long, Worcester capitalising on an attacking opposition and winning a short corner and converting. 2-2. Both teams knocking on the door, Neal called into make some fine saves. CoB would win another short, Jeevan to Alex, followed by a disguised pass back post for Abrar to deflect in. But as was the story of the match, Worcester broke well and won another short, bringing the scores level again. Hearts in mouth at the final whistle, another short for Worcester but Sohail on hand to clear the ball far and wide upfield.

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