Team Men’s 2nd Team
Opponent Barford Tigers 5
Date September 16, 2023
Result Draw
Score 0 – 0

CoB Men’s 2ndXI 0-0 Barford Tigers Men’s 5s

After two defeats in pre-league friendlies, both without a full complement of players having yet returned after the summer holidays, the new skipper, Edan, might have been a little hesitant in starting the new league season

However, with a team consisting of a few senior players, one new adult (albeit an ex-ice hockey keeper), a few ‘experienced’ youngsters and several very new youngsters, the team lined up with some smiles on their faces. Tigers too fielded several youngsters (a little older and bigger than ours!!).

Both teams made a gentle start, settling into their tasks and the youngsters sorting out their positional play

Edan, Ian and Paul settled into their defensive roles. Jack was not called into too much action, but did make a couple of confident saves early on. Stan, Parameth and Umar worked hard in midfield. New-man, Alex showed some good pace up front and the new youngsters showed plenty of willing endeavour and commitment. Head-coach Zach, rotated the rolling subs to give everyone plenty of game-time interspersed with rest times.

CoB produced some promising attacking chances and even a couple of short corners. However, at the break it remained 0-0, with CoB rueing some missed chances.

The second half continued in much the same way, with both teams trying hard to create opportunities, but with no-one really taking total control.

There were times during the half when the umpires had to issue some green cards and issue some warnings about the use of inappropriate language at times.

The game ended 0-0 but the CoB ‘boys’ can take great comfort from their effort and commitment. With several adult players to hopefully return in the near future, this squad of players can gain much confidence from this game and look forward to future games’

Self-discipline too is an important aspect of the game that needs addressing by some in particular and by all in general.

Next week, the team is away against Bromsgrove 5ths

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