Team Men’s 1st Team
Opponent Bournville 2
Date October 20, 2023
Result Loss
Score 0 – 5

Bournville Men’s 2s 5-0 CoB Men’s 1stXI

CoB M1s always knew this season would be one of mixed fortunes and the game today reflected this. Beaten by a team better drilled, more united and showing their playing identity. CoB struggled to take hold of the game, despite showing glimpses of hope, Noor and Alex having shots well saved by the keeper. Two set pieces and two goals was the story of the first half. The visitors were lackluster and disorganised and hoping for something special.

Changes to the line up and rotation of places saw CoB have better control of the game, though the hosts always seemed to be a man up on the visitors. More chances and another three goals for the hosts. Sean continued to have a great game for the M1s, with very few positives for the rest to take away.

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