Team Men’s 1st Team
Opponent Edgbaston 3
Date November 4, 2023
Result Loss
Score 1 – 2

CoB Men’s 1stXI 1-2 Edgbaston Men’s 3s

Goalscorer: Alex Makepeace

With a rotation of players based on availability this saw Jordan return to the 1stXI fold and Kamran get his first call up. The game started off evenly with both teams pushing to test the opposition keeper. The defence of Jordan, Ash and Sohail kept many attacks at bay with exits through Zach and Kyle to find Alex and Noor up front. The visitors, despite being bottom of the league, showed grit and tenacity to keep things at bay. Trouble for the hosts was cheap give away of possession and being unable to stop the ball on the move.

0-0 at the break and much of the same in the second half. Much of the ball was contested in the middle of the park with Edgbaston finding a break and taking the lead. They soon doubled this with a short corner, 15 minutes left and the hosts looking down and out. But as history showed this team came into their own in the final quarter, passes being strung well, confidence growing and pressure on goal. An exchange in the D saw Alex pull one back. Three minutes to go and the hosts pressed again, a foul in the D in front of the keeper and Alex slotting what was thought to be the equaliser but the umpire blew for a short corner before the ball crossed the line. Fine margins and a defeat at home.

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