Team Men’s 1st Team
Opponent West Bromwich 1
Date November 18, 2023
Result Loss
Score 0 – 2

CoB Men’s 1stXI 0-2 West Brom Men’s 1s

CoB hosted West Brom this week with the team struggling with availability and down 6 first teamers. A bright and early contest saw both teams have chances thwarted by one another with much of the ball in the middle of the park. The visitors continued playing long balls to the usual suspects and CoB thwarting them early on. A few short corners both ways came to nothing until West Brom worked one past the keeper. They soon doubled their lead before the break.

The second half was more end to end with lots of space for both teams. Link up play faltered at times with the CoB defence staying strong despite the opposition seemingly complaining at every decision by the umpires. Late in the game, a West Brom player took a stick to the face accidentally as he challenged from the wrong side. With a minute left on the clock the game was called, the player is doing well following stitches to his nose.

Thanks to Laura and Paul for umpiring 


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