Team Men’s 2nd Team
Opponent Stourport 6
Date November 18, 2023
Result Loss
Score 0 – 1

CoB Men’s 2ndXI 0-1 Stourport Men’s 6s

With injuries, ill health and players moved up to the first team, the Second team squad was severely reduced. But even with all these problems they still managed to put out a full eleven against the team holding second place in the division.

The lack of substitutes and the reliance on our youth section could have proved problematic but again the team proved coaches and supporters wrong. The battling never say die attitude of the experienced players and the youth squad was a credit to the club. The way they played showed great promise for future games this season and the next.

The game started late due to a serious injury in the prior game but both sides kept warm on the final third while first aid was administered.

As soon as the game began both teams tried the dominate possession and dictate control, the fast early pace was frantic and each team pressed high on attacks. Gradually the home team was pressed back and the defence had to stay deep to protect their goal. Ben in midfield was a powerhouse and run the midfield trio, picking up clearances and charging at the visitors back Line. Then at other times sprinting to win possession back with 50/50 loose balls. The home team struggled to keep possession in the middle for periods as the visitors closed-down very quickly and broke up the play very well.

Both teams had a mix of older players with youth being the attacking thrust. The home team’s young players showed skill and bravado, nothing fazed them and they worked really hard for the team.

Near the end of the first half the home team gradually had to defend for long periods and couldn’t get past the visitors’ midfield and test the backline. Again, the home backline marshalled by the Captain… Edan defended masterfully with Stan sweeping up any loose ends. Jack did have to make four telling saves when the defensive line got broken. In the second half the home team defended for most of the half. But to the team’s credit they did it in a controlled manner. Then our brilliant young player at left back got struck on the head by the ball giving him a nasty bruise over his eye and he had to sit out the final ten minutes. With only ten men a tactical switch brought Matt back to defend and the whole team dug in, to get a draw.

Then the flood lights went out! The allotted time had run its course. After explaining two bad injuries caused delays the centre put the flood lights back on.

The home team defended frantically trying to keep the visitors at bay in the final four minutes, but unfortunately a penalty corner was gifted to Stourport. The first shot was struck low to Jack’s right foot, he tried to clear but the balls pace kept it going into the goal. The home team threw everyone forward in the final minute with Edan trying to ping the ball into the crowded “D”. It took a deflection and Stourport took all three points.

A brave performance from the whole team of the seconds. Everyone worked hard for each other and even the loss could not distract that the team played very well and is progressing each week.

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